1. That is intriguing–in the alley I sometimes walk down to catch the bus there’s this blue metal tube about 6 in. or so in diameter and maybe 2 ft. long bordering someone’s back yard. This in in Peoria, IL.

  2. Bart,
    My brother lives in Thomasville, AL and is editor of the newspaper up there.
    I have forwarded to him to see if he can answer your mystery question.
    from your fellow MCNO member

  3. B, it’s a propane tank.

    I live in Alabama and back in the day, most old houses were heated by propane.

    My Grandparents have a farm in the country and they still have the old propane tanks they used to use to heat the house before they got central heating and air; and those tanks look almost identical to the one you have in the picture.

  4. Looks a lot like the descent section of a Soyuz space capsule after reentry. There’s one at the Boeing museum of flight in Seattle and it looks exactly like that. Maybe it’s some kind of Russian space weapon they were aiming for Georgia and they got the wrong one.

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