You don’t cry much, but you’ve been grunting and making a lot of other noises, pretty much since the day you were born. Over the last month you’ve been gurgling and cooing more. Then, a couple weeks ago, you went swimming with Sebastian, who’s two years old, and he taught you the joy of squealing. You’ve been squealing off and on ever since.

You seem to be on the verge of babbling. I’m looking forward to that. I expect you’ll be pretty verbal some day.

  1. The “joy” of squealing? Because, no offense, but I imagine the joy is all Persephone’s. Though, with the sound down, she’s as cute as ever.

  2. Anerable! My son was verbal early too. Now he’s two and asks me questions all the time, like today when I sat in a chair at work: “Are you pooping mommy?… Mommy? Are you pooooping?”. He also tells me he loves me though, so it works out.

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