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The recent news that Victory is open to selling the Lindy Boggs Medical Center site jogged a memory. I know rumor-mongering isn’t wise, but I can’t help passing this on. I recently heard from someone who seemed to be well-informed (but promised to deny this if it ever came back to him) that the Oschner/Tenet covenant on the Lindy Boggs Medical Center (aka Mercy Hospital) had something to do with the monstrously huge LSU/VA hospital that’s in the works. I’m not sure if I understood the alleged details, but I think it went something like this: Tenet was going to donate the land to the LSU/VA project, and Oschner’s covenant was mainly designed to prevent this because Oschner and LSU are enemies. Does that sound crazy or what? The Lindy Boggs site sure would make a lot more sense than tearing down a large swath of neighborhood like they’re planning.

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  1. Civitch Civitch

    I wonder if the covenant against opening a hospital would be transferred to a new owner, or if a covenant can only exist between the parties that initially signed it. Anyone out there know?

  2. Lindy Boggs isn’t enough real estate for the LSU/VA complex, which Ochsner knows. I think the pact was Ochsner idea simply to keep any competition whatsoever out of the market. I’m sure they’ve developed other sinister plans specifically to stymie LSU.

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