The recent news that Victory is open to selling the Lindy Boggs Medical Center site jogged a memory. I know rumor-mongering isn’t wise, but I can’t help passing this on. I recently heard from someone who seemed to be well-informed (but promised to deny this if it ever came back to him) that the Oschner/Tenet […]

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I wanted to record before I forget that as Xy and I were coming home from an errand Friday, we saw there were lots of firetrucks clustered around Lindy Boggs Medical Center (aka Mercy). Later we learned that someone had broken in and started a small fire. [WWL has video.] I further learned (through discussion […]

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As Ashley noted, Victory got their permit to demolish the Lindy Boggs hospital (formerly known as Mercy). This was decided by the Housing Conservation District Review Committee at a meeting that took place on the last day of the year, December 31st. Alan was there and provides a comprehensive account of just how dysfunctional the […]

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The Housing Conservation District Review Committee met on Monday. They voted to allow the demolition of three public housing complexes, and passed the buck on a fourth. These decisions dominated the local news. But there were some other items on the HCDRC’s agenda. I wrote about the ongoing dispute between my neighborhood organization and Victory […]

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Normally neighborhood groups support the demolition of abandoned buildings. However, last Monday representatives from the Mid-City Neighborhood Organization spoke against the demolition of the old Lindy Boggs Medical Center. Reaction has been mixed. Here’s a typical comment from the story on Great, a bunch of boneheads that want to look important attempt to stop […]

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For most of the year a rumor has circulated in our neighborhood regarding the Lindy Boggs Medical Center. That’s the hospital at Jeff Davis and Bienville which old-timers still call Mercy. It’s the same hospital that was knocked out of commission by flooding. Most recently it was in the news when Tenet Health Care sold […]

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Last night we had our Mid-City Recovery Action Meeting, as we do on the first Monday of every month. We’d been planning since last week to address the designs that Victory Real Estate Investments, LLC, appears to have on twenty acres of Mid-City. What we hadn’t anticipated was Saturday’s front page story in the Times-Picayune. […]

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I picked up the paper off the porch this morning looking forward to reading another story by Stephanie Bruno about our renovation, the 18th in an ongoing series. But I was somewhat distracted by the headline on the front page: Giant Mid-City retail project planned A Georgia development company has been quietly working to assemble […]

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