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Three More Votes

We’re voting again Saturday. In the fifth precinct of the fourth ward we’ll have three items on the ballot: Attorney General, Judge, and City Council At-Large.

Attorney General
It’s a Republican named Royal versus a Democrat named Buddy. I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. I’m really note sure who I’ll support, but if Royal wins, the Republicanization of Louisiana will be complete.

Judge, Criminal District Court, Section A
I’m inclined to support Laurie White over Juana Marine Lombard solely on the strength of Dangerblond’s advocacy. However, for those who like to think for themselves, Silence Is Violence has a forum planned for Wednesday, November 14, 6:30pm at the Sound Cafe (2700 Chartres).

Councilmember at Large
Oooh. The tough one. Jacquelyn Brechtel Clarkson versus Cynthia Willard-Lewis. They’re both old-school New Orleans politicians. Willard-Lewis is a district councilmember now. Clarkson was a district councilmember for many years; she ran for this at-large seat in the last election but lost. They are both “part of the problem.” If their leadership was really so great, then New Orleans would be in better shape now. We need fresh blood.

I was inclined to support Willard-Lewis because her victory would create a vacancy in District E and thus we might get some fresh blood there. (But Michael said I should be careful what I wish for.) Rumors abound that she’s under investigation by the feds, that she’s actually wearing a wire now. The extremely cynical calculation is that we should vote for her because if she goes down, we’ll have two new slots on the council. I forget where I read that. I’m not sure I can roll like that.

Questions about Willard-Lewis’ role in Garbagegate [TM] have made me reconsider. But those questions were raised in my mind largely by the Times-Picayune, which paper today endorsed Clarkson. Can I really trust the Picayune’s coverage on this issue?

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  1. I’m no fan of Jackie. Having dealt with her when I was on the board of the Faubourg Marigny Improvement Association, I can attest to the fact that she is authoritarian, does not welcome or accept opinions counter to her own, and is — as you pointed out — part of the problem.

    During the initial “America Speaks” planning meeting, Jackie refused to abide by the rules governing the discussion because she felt her opinion was more valuable than the rest of us seated at the table with her. Rather than accept a democratic discussion she walked out of the process. Way to lead, Jackie.

    That being said, Cynthia is also part of the problem. I haven’t seen anything from her over the past two years to indicate she is serious about reforming the political process — which unforgivable as the city struggles to recover. She still appears to endorse the politics of the inside hook-up.

    I have never voted for Jackie and years ago swore I never would. Unfortunately, given the options on the table I think we have to hold our nose, walk into the booth and pull the lever.


  2. Frank Schiavo Frank Schiavo

    I agree with a previous posters comment “hold our nose, walk into the booth and pull the lever.” At least as far as Council member-at-large goes. Do I really have to chose between a bully and a do-nothing? I resent that choice a great deal.

  3. randall randall

    HOw did we get into this position, eeeeeeeeeek but trust me ppl, anything but cynthia willard lewis would be better. The East has turned into a war zone with armed robberies and murders commonplace and she cannot keep a hold on that.

  4. Max Max

    What a shame………This will be the most meaningless race New Orleans has over the next five years.

    You can’t win with either candidate. The sad thing is, you can’t even be hopeful with either candidate, like you could have been with almost anybody else, whether you liked them or not (Boulet, Vassel, Brown, et al) – at least then you could have said to yourself, “hey, maybe he/she will bring some new ideas to the table.” now you know that N.O. will just get more of the same.

  5. Civitch Civitch

    CWL is partially responsible for this bloated sanitation contract. CWL was part of Eddie Sapir’s gang. CWL uses 300 words to say what most could say in 10 (and even then you’re still not sure what she’s talking about). CWL has not distinguished herself in any way post-K. And do we really want CWL a heartbeat away from being mayor?

    I’d rather have different choices, but I don’t, so it’s an easy decision.

  6. Civitch Civitch

    ….. and CWL was part of the effort to sideline the creation and funding of the Inspector General’s office. That’s reason enough right there.

  7. randall randall

    The only ppl on the city council that i had faith in before katrina were Thomas(Laugh out Loud to that) and Clarkson. I could tell that all the other council members were scumbags. In addition to being a mediocre politican, CWL could care less about historic presveration in new orleans. Since we live in the city with one of the most intact patrimonys in the western hermisphere; we need an at large canidate who supports preservation.

  8. I’m not a big believer in strategic voting but the council at large race is one where I wish someone had published a poll beforehand. In hindsight I’d have preferred Virginia Boulet to either of these two. I suspect if there were a reliable poll showing how close she was enough people may have switched their votes.

  9. Tim Tim

    CWL needs to go back to whatever full-gospel church spawned her and proselytize where it’s wanted and legal. JC needs to check her ego at the door and start to treat the people of New Orleans like peers and not servants.

    Laugh about it, shout about it, when you’ve got to choose…



  10. Civitch Civitch

    From this morning’s TP:

    “In the runoff, Clarkson has stepped up her fund-raising effort, taking in about $400,000 — a total that includes $25,000 she loaned her campaign in the primary. Clarkson has received financial support from many of the city’s business leaders.

    Willard-Lewis has raised about $150,000, much of it from City Hall vendors and other government contractors. She has not anted up any of her own money.”

  11. CWL led the charge against the Inspector General. And sponsored the amendment to the garbage ordinance limiting bulky waste to 25 pounds, at the benefit of the garbage contractors. And funny, the biggest chunks of her campaign money comes from the garbage and landfill crowd.

  12. […] Editor B has a post up and debate in the comments about the city council at-large run off, coming up on Saturday. There has been some gossip going around that we should vote for Cynthia Willard-Lewis because the Feds are investigating her and she’s the next to go down. The logic goes that we will get two new council members, one to replace Cynthia in New Orleans East, and another at-large election when she resigns in shame. […]

  13. Civitch Civitch

    The above tactic is what got us stuck with Bill Jefferson.

    Wouldn’t it be better to have CWL indicted in place, rather than as the freshly-elected vice president of the council?

  14. And when people say things like “well what do you expect when you keep electing the same garbage” I just want to scream.

    Thus, my toilet. Click my name above to see my ode to politics throne.

  15. Tommy Tommy

    I was one of the candidates for the council at large seat. I never understand why people want to continue to complain if they don’t get behind a NEW candidate and help push them through.

    The logic of voting for CWL is faulty. The fed’s have never leaked rumors about who was going to be indicted so I don’t see how that is going to change now. It is best to keep her in the District E seat and leave it at that.

    Is anyone else curiuos, though, about the news that she is living out of her district in Harvey. What’s up with that?

  16. Mad Redhead Mad Redhead

    The Two Cynthias (I have come to view them as a two-headed beast) are the council members who screeched the loudest when Shelley pushed for an Inspector General — methinks the ladies doth protest too much! They also seem largely responsible for pulling Carter over to their voting block, all the while lobbing cries of “racism” every time a reform initiative is introduced. Oliver used to act as the voice of reason, now I guess it’s fallen to Arnie.

    I don’t love Jackie, and I am incensed at having to select Politics As Usual as my choice — so we have to band together and hold her feet to the fire on every issue that disturbs us. Let’s jam her inbox with emails, let’s attend her meetings and let her know exactly what we expect: that she serve US.

  17. Anthony Anthony

    I am tempted to sit on my hands, no one says I have to vote for either of them.

    Can’t vote for Royal Alexander cause he isn’t even elected yet and he is already trying to pull “Pay to Play” and has 100% rating from the “Family Forum” which of course means he must have an incredibly narrow view of what a family is. I will push the button for Caldwell.

    Leaning to Laurie White.

    I am with you on CWL Bart. It’s cynical but that’s the choice I am left with. I cannot vote for Jackie having received a 5 minute tirade during the BNOB meeting because I had the temerity to suggest that perhaps we should ASK the people of New Orleans (residents and owners) what their plans were post K. I felt, and still feel, that to make good decisions you need good data. And we should be asking people what they intend to do. It doesn’t have to be binding but it is a much better way to determine a neighborhood’s future than guessing, which is basically the approach we have taken.

    I am curious as to whether CWL is going to take her opposition to concentrating Section 8 apartments citywide if she is elected at large or whether she is going to keep it NOE so that the rest of the city will have to suffer with large concentrations of Section 8 apartments.

    I’m inclined to sit on my hands, just like no one could make me vote for Mike Foster, Cleo Fields or Bill Jefferson for governor, no one can make me vote for either of these ladies. But, if you make me choose, I’m going with CWL cause I might get someone new in District E.

  18. lascalawag lascalawag

    I will vote for Buddy for AG. Royal is one strange dude.
    I will not vote for Same and Old in the CaL. However, if u feel u have to vote, Same will likely be indicted and then we reshuffle the deck.
    If i lived in Una and Hines’ district, I would not vote for Una who is antichoice cannizaro trash and whose husband is garbage. Hines is a 23 yr old wannabe running on pop’s $$. However, strategic voting will not work here because it’s hubby who is goin to the slammer not Una.
    If I lived in Gray’s district, i would vote for her because she is an effective lege and Jallila is suffering for the sins of her father. This is not a place for strategic voting.
    Hopefully, Shepherd goes down and we can do that one over.
    And for those u who did not vote for Virginia, u got what u wanted..Same and Old….pitiful

  19. Civitch Civitch

    What is her excuse for living in Harvey? There are renovated houses in New Orleans East! For god’s sake, she’s not even *living in Orleans Parish*????

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