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Jeff and Laura came over to watch the Saints game today. Like us, they’re Hoosierleanians — transplants from Indiana who’ve come to call New Orleans home. Only Jeff is also a radiologist, and he’s doing his residency right now, which means that he and Laura are living in Michigan for a whole year. They’re taking their vacation in New Orleans for a week or so, and Jeff did a couple job interviews, because they both really want to come back. They share a passionate love for this place.

I mentioned what Frank said yesterday, and Jeff echoed it. We are part of the reason they want to come back. And again I felt that sense of heaviness. I reminded Jeff that we still haven’t decided to commit or blow.

We need to do that soon. We decided to give it a year, and that year is almost up.

We watched the Saints lose while Warren Easton’s band practiced marching in the streets around our home.

Later, after the game was over and Jeff and Laura left, the neighbors across the street fired up the barbecue and started grilling all manner of burgers, chicken and pork chops. Dooley set me up with a plate of spicy chicken and pasta and some delicious potato salad. They were carrying on noisily until well after dark, but now the street is quiet.

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  1. rickngentilly rickngentilly

    with a kid on the way you gotta be smart man.

    the recovery will hopefully be in full force by the time your baby is ready for pre school.

    while i hope this is the scenerio i would not think bad about yall if you split.

    i gots no kids and just look out for me and my wife so i feel o.k. about staying here.

    again no harm no foul if yall split.

    your speech at the march and the rehab of of your property make yall solid in my book.

    i hope yall stay but i totally fucking get it if if you split.

    god bless you and your family and thank you both for fighting for new orleans.

  2. rickngentilly rickngentilly

    i guess the other thing i wanted to say was saturday i drove by warren easton and they were doing landscapeing and than when i got to rouse’s there were other warren easton kids doing a food drive.

    do te right thing for you and your wife and kid and know that there is no shame if yall leave.

    i hope it is right for yall to stay.

    there is no shame if yall leave.

    you have done more for our town than many locals.

    do what is right for your family.

    love rick.

  3. Katie Katie

    Please know that it is ok if you leave.

    It is all very confusing, you see.

    We had to leave because we have children. We are born and bred New Orleanians who came back after the storm and were driven out financially.
    Our landlords raised our rent and my husband lost his job.

    We have 2 babies that we could not afford to bring up there. If you expect to work when the baby is born, set aside $650 a month (at least) now for your monthly daycare cost. Also, get on all the waiting lists you can TODAY. I had a decent salary in New Orleans and it did not cover the cost of housing and/or daycare.

    We have moved on FOR NOW and hope to be back – but it won’t be anytime soon. Not until cost of living goes down and violent crime is under control. I say a prayer for Francis Pop every single day.

    And believe me, we miss the GOOD parts with every beat of our hearts. We do. We would give anything to go back in time and live in our lives before that storm……but for now……there are places you can live where you can sleep knowing you have done your best and are doing your best for your child.

    No one should judge.

  4. julesb_town julesb_town

    Right on Katie-
    Focus often changes when you have kids…to them and what is best for you all as a family.
    Sending Peace to you, XY and your sugarplum as you make some hard dicisions.

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