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More Guerrilla Art in Mid-City

Spotted this morning on the way to work on the Jeff Davis neutral ground:

Art Installation

It’s a pitcher full of water suspended above a map of Louisiana made of sand.

Pitcher on a Wire

Louisiana Sand

A strange, elegant, and disturbing metaphor for our current situation.

I have no idea who’s behind this. Could it be the same person (or people) who put up the flood marker? Whoever it is, I salute you.

Update: Thanks to Courtney Egan for revealing that this is a project of Art in Action! This specific piece is Site #6, “O Water!” by Jonathan Traviesa, the same guy who put photos on Bayou St. John a year ago. You can read about the installation or, if you’re in New Orleans, you can go down to Jeff Davis and D’Hemecourt and see it yourself. It was still there this morning.

Jonathan Traviesa, I salute you.

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  1. I am thrilled y’all found this and were moved to write about it! Go see it in person & come to the ArtInAction blog to comment! The project is ongoing & the blog is about 80% done to represent the work that’s out in the city already. Please support us by going out to see the work (there’s a lot of it up already by a bunch of different artists) & commenting on the ArtInAction blog! Viva L’New Orleans. Thanks –

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