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Celebrity Smackdown

Jimmy Pardo just read my list of annoying people on his weekly podcast. Er, pardon me, it’s a “Pardcast.” Check out Episode 33 — the fun begins about 27 minutes into the program. They rake me over the coals pretty well, and I gotta admit I have it coming. “All the insight of bad stand-up comedy without any of the punch lines.” Ouch.

The kicker, of course, is the final person on my list, who is none other than Mr. Pardo himself. Ahem. The mystery of that weird e-mail I got from the “Jimmy Pardo Fan Club” is revealed at last. I may be the only person who finds this hilarious. I don’t know.

His co-hosts confirm what we’ve feared all along: that the guy on “Movies at Our House” is pretty close to the real Jimmy Pardo. I shudder to think of it, but I guess I should be grateful. After watching Jimmy Pardo, my wife thinks she didn’t marry so poorly after all. So thanks, Jimmy, for setting the bar lower.

And big props to Mr. Wesley for the heads-up.

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  1. Hilarious! It just shows that making fun of people is easier than “real comedy.” I just wish that he had contacted you personally. I think you would have kicked his ass!

    For the record, you do have more than 12 friends.

  2. ColdChef ColdChef

    As a regular reader of your blog and a subscriber to “Never Not Funny”, the jarring effect of one referencing the other was pretty jarring to me. Sort of like a media “Perfect Storm.”

    The only thing that would complete the triangle would be if this argument was covered on “This American Life.” Then, I’d die happy.

  3. MF MF

    BTW, there is a small package heading your and XY’s way. You can open it when it comes, or save it for whatever holiday you choose!


  4. rickngentilly rickngentilly

    i like the fact that your list is cycle-centric. all that shit used to bug me when i was a young man who used bikes and rta for transportation when i was a renter in mid-city.

    the other thing that really used to bug me back in 1980 when i had my first pad was the people who would roll up to my neighbors houses and lay on the horn several times to pick someone up.

    back than it just struck me as rude because it was new orleans and an old neighborhood so they were whack for not just going up on the porch , knocking , and picking up their ride.

    now the curbside honking thing bugs me because everybody has a cell phone and i just really miss the old new orleans civility of neighborhoods.

    the goof is its still the same clowns. i.e.

    the people who cause distortion in life are 1 %ers but they get more attention because you dont tend to notice the other 99% who are just being part of the hood

    people like you and xy and myself and my neighbors and your neighbors and many ,many more are keeping the old school alive.

    thats my story man and im sticking to it.

  5. Good God, B, please don’t ask us to listen such tedious crap again! I’d seen this guy somewhere on tv before but didn’t know the name, but your link certainly justifies his place on your list. That podcast reminds me of the KBBL morning radio show on the Simpsons, but at least that’s short and ridicules guys like this. I found it ironic that just as they’re saying you don’t have a punchline (Hey, Pardo, you’re the one who’s supposed to be a comedian), and then he becomes the punchline. What a tool. Seriously, he’s less funny than that Dane Cook guy. Hope you’re heart isn’t too broken that someone like this had nothing else to talk about for the about 10 hours that it seemed like he talked about you.

    Strange quotes from his show: 1) referring to “another funny guy” 2) referring to “other celebrities”. He puts himself in some strange groups.

  6. M.A.D. M.A.D.

    Pardo’s only funny line wasn’t original. Something about B has all the insight of bad standup comedy, but without the punchlines. I’ve heard that a few times before. I like it, I think it’s funny, but it ain’t original.

    But, ya gotta like it when someone like Pardo slams ya for the incorrect use of “their.” Somewhere, that’s gotta sting just a little 😉

    But for the most part, I don’t like the Pardo Show for the same reason I don’t like Bob & Tom and all the knock-offs. You get a “personality” surrounded by supporters/butt-suckers. Anyone can “sound” funny in that scenario without actually being funny.

  7. EWK EWK

    Oh sweet Jesus. To quote Bob Odenkirk’s character on the “Founding Father’s” sketch of Mr. Show “What a collection of assholes” (except for the gentleman who understands the concept of comedy and happily admitted to listening to the show AND reading this blog without junk-riding b.rox. here) I read some stuff here and while it’s not bad, the particular blog that was read on Never Not Funny was fucking horrible. Someone on here compared NNF to a shitty morning show, which in some respects they do resemble considering all you have to do to make a radio show is sit around and talk, but the jokes in the aforementioned “annoying people” (very original concept by the way Carrot Top) were about the intelligence level of most of those “Morning Zoo’s” sense of humor. I can’t believe you didn’t complain about airplane food is what I’m saying here. Never Not Funny bears similarities to the radio show medium, but it’s far more cereberal and FAR more funny.

    And as far as the comment above this one goes, if you actually LISTENED to the show on a regular basis you’d know that all three gentlemen’s “personalities” are given equal time and there’s nothing that even remotely resembles the kind of “ass kissing” that you get on a show like “Tourgasm” for example. Jimmy, Mike, and Matt (who was actually the one who said the “bad standup without any of the punchlines” line and HE’S not even a professional comedian like the other two. Kind of like b.rox.) all have character flaws and shortcomings which they bring up CONSTANTLY.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, they DID rip you to shreds b.rox. and rightfully so. I think a fifth grader could take your inane, obvious observations and tear them to shreds. Don’t quit your dayjob like Mr. Pardo was able to do a long time ago when he became a PROFESSIONAL comedian.

  8. Caddy Caddy

    Hey B.Rox, are people still not getting out of your way? I need some closure on that anecdote.

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