Let me see if I got this straight. The American Society of Civil Engineers got pissed off about the video PSA produced by high school students and posted by Levees.org to YouTube. ASCE demanded the video be removed. So Levees.org removed it. Then, the Times-Picayune wrote a story about it. As part of their online […]

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Spotted this morning on the way to work on the Jeff Davis neutral ground: It’s a pitcher full of water suspended above a map of Louisiana made of sand. A strange, elegant, and disturbing metaphor for our current situation. I have no idea who’s behind this. Could it be the same person (or people) who […]

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Photo by howieluvzus. Yesterday President Bush visited New Orleans. Howie’s posted some pix of a demonstration at Jackson Square, where hundreds of Catholic schoolgirls showed up in life vests and wading boots. I couldn’t make it myself, but I’ve attended a number of rallies over the years, particularly anti-war rallies. I’ve often been frustrated at […]

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Very good news: The Bush administration has decided to support making levees in New Orleans stronger than before Hurricane Katrina struck I still can’t overcome my ingrained skepticism to anything coming out of this (or any) administration. But this looks like a much-needed boost to the entire Gulf Coast region. Businesses and homeowners have been […]

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