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You Know You’re in Trouble When You Rile Up the Catholic Schoolgirls

New Orleans Protest

Photo by howieluvzus.

Yesterday President Bush visited New Orleans.

Howie’s posted some pix of a demonstration at Jackson Square, where hundreds of Catholic schoolgirls showed up in life vests and wading boots.

I couldn’t make it myself, but I’ve attended a number of rallies over the years, particularly anti-war rallies. I’ve often been frustrated at how the message gets confused or diluted with all sorts of different agendas.

But this rally seems to have been remarkably well organized and clearly focused. The message was unmistakable, because it was repeated again and again on handmade placards: “Cat 5 Levees and Coastal Restoration Now.”

There was very little anti-Bush or pro-Bush sentiment. No partisan bickering. Another popular sign read “Party Affiliation: Louisianan.”

Something about the image of young people making this demand seems very compelling and poignant. I hope it made the national news.

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  1. I heard a report on New Orleans’ NPR station this morning about the protest. Although the crowd was primarily made up of Catholic school girls, a few others were there as well. I was privileged to bring my 9yr old daughter to the event. It was her first protest. I’m so proud!

  2. I saw it here in Atlanta last night on the news. What an image! Those are unmistakably Catholic High School girls! I thought it was perfect! I’m guessing it was an “excused absense”. ;D

  3. Cade Roux Cade Roux

    I believe it’s explained by this clip from the email I received from the organizers(?):

    The President will be in New Orleans tomorrow – and we’re asking people to come out to a NO POLITICS rally demanding category 5 protection for New Orleans NOW. We still need an immediate committment to honest and effective levees and comprehensive coastal restoration if New Orleans is to rise again.

    Partisanship aside, please come out to Jackson Square tomorrow, Thursday January 12 at 10 am, and show your support for this message. We’re asking people to bring signs reading “Category 5 Levees AND Coastal Restoration NOW” or “Party Affiliation: Louisianian.” No pro-Bush, no anti-Bush; no pro-war, no anti-war. Wear your life vests and hip-waders; let’s have fun while sending a clear, simple message: we need effective levees AND a revitalized coast to protect New Orleans.

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