I haven’t been to a protest for a while. Think I’ll make this one. BP Oil Flood Protest Sunday, May 30, 2010 1:00pm – 7:30pm Jackson Square, French Quarter, New Orleans Join us on SUNDAY, MAY 30th at 1 PM in Jackson Square, New Orleans, to demand the Federal Government and BP devote all possible […]

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I won’t be there, but this sounds interesting: Valentine’s day press conference 11:00 am in front of city hall to celebrate the love between the city council and the private interests who will make millions demolishing public housing. Half hour, fun, satirical protest! Wear red, bring a date! [via txt msg from Brice Nice]

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This just in via Karen Gadbois… FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NEW ORLEANS CITIZENS TAKE TO THE STREETS TO DEMAND THE RESIGNATION OF DISTRICT ATTORNEY EDDIE JORDAN New Orleans citizens, fed up with the resurgence of violent crime in their city, will stage a protest in front of the Cabildo on Jackson Square on Monday, July 16 […]

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Photo by howieluvzus. Yesterday President Bush visited New Orleans. Howie’s posted some pix of a demonstration at Jackson Square, where hundreds of Catholic schoolgirls showed up in life vests and wading boots. I couldn’t make it myself, but I’ve attended a number of rallies over the years, particularly anti-war rallies. I’ve often been frustrated at […]

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Today there was a march in New Orleans as part of the global day of protest against the war in Iraq. It’s been two years since the United States invaded. Over 1,500 US soldiers are dead and countless civilians — maybe as many as 100,000. It’s time for this madness to end. So we marched […]

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