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Day Without Immigrants

This “Day Without Immigrants” is a risky gambit. It will surely alienate many Americans. But I love to see the little guy flexing his muscles and sticking it to The Man — even if The Man is, by extension, me.

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  1. I was intrigued to learn that just the threat of this day led Tyson (among others) to close down for 24 hours. Suggestive, if not proof

    On a different note, please post something about Prime Suspect after you’ve seen one or two. I love Mirren, but Mystery is usually on far too late at night for me.

  2. Largest minority in the US. They pull some power and they organize well for the most part. More effective than the million man march.

  3. Garvey Garvey

    I completely understand why people come here. I’m down with that. Studies show that illegals are not a drain on the system but a huge additive.

    But if Mexico could get its own house in order, there’d be less reason to come here. With all of their resources, it’s criminal that their economy blows. They should be freaking BOOMING right now. Absolutely booming.

    So instead of taking it to the streets here, why don’t millions march there? They’ve chosen the wrong venue for this show of strength, IMO.

  4. rickngentilly rickngentilly

    if you are here in this country and working i welcome you.

    ……if you are here in this city and working i invite you to my house for hot water , a toilet or some food……. please stay here and buy a house on my block….. no section eight wanted anymore….. i want you as my neighbor….. rick in gentilly………

    p.s. i dont give a rats ass where you’r from if you are here to work you are like my forefathers…….welcome to america friends…….

  5. MF MF

    Did you ever see the movie “A Day without a Mexican,” directed by Sergio Arau? Did it ever get a wide release in the US? If not, now would be the time for a re-release … I heard about it from a Chinese person in California.

  6. Jeremy Jeremy

    You know, a lot of the same people who feel insulted by these protests would still denounce people of Mexican heritage if there were no protests. If you switched racial code words from those denoting Mexicans to those denoting African-Americans, a lot of the anti-illegal alien rhetoric would sound identical to rhetoric used to justify segregation in many northern cities in the 1950s and 1960s.

    I’m not in favor of open borders, but I get alienated pretty quickly by wink-wink “I’m not a racist but look at all the Hispanic names in the jails/the national anthem in Spanish is insulting/English is our one true language.” When the Minutemen launch boycotts and marches on businesses that employ illegal aliens, amd when those people who throw “illegals” around as a label use it to describe people who HIRE illegal aliens as law-breakers as well, then I’d be a bit more convinced. But it is way easier to start up the old Jim Crow race machine than, say, call for the arrest of Anglo business owners…

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