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Saint Bush

People in New Orleans are getting excited about Bush. No, not George W. Bush — Reggie Bush. He’s some sort of new football guy for the Saints that people are hailing as the team’s savior, even the city’s savior. It is surely the height of foolishness for me to opine on a subject of which I am so clearly ignorant (namely, sports) — but if there’s one piece of wisdom I’ve garnered in my years here, it’s this: Never get your hopes up about the New Orleans Saints. As soon as you start thinking they can win, your hopes will be crushed.

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  1. I’m still mourning the loss of the New Orleans Jazz to Utah. Utah Jazz? Is that the biggest oxymoron in the history of sports?

  2. Elliott Elliott

    LA Lakers doesn’t sound too good either, but I agree that Utah Jazz is laughable.

    Bart, as a diehard Saints fan, it’s nice to have some stuff to be excited about, and I’ll say that so far R. Bush has done all the right things. He’s been humble and appreciative and even wearing a Renew Orleans wristband. I just saw an article where he said that he was “no savior” but he says he’ll do his part. A refreshing change from athletes who complain about their salaries and call their contracts tantamount to slavery and say that the game is war.

    You may be interested to know that the Saints have the highest attendance-to-victory ratio in the league, which basically means we’re the most patient fans or have the lowest standards. When we go to games, opposing fans try to talk trash, and all we say is, “Yeah, you’ll probably kick our butts.” Kinda defuses the situation.

    But you’re right. My friend Gary, who’s had season tickets for 20 years and who sits by us at the games says, “Just when you think you’ve seen it all, they always find a new way to break your heart.” So we’ll see how it goes this time, but it’s nice to have some fun to look forward to, assuming we have a relatively uneventful summer.

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