I just got called “white boy” as I rode my bike past the Iberville projects:

“White boy! White boy! Come here!”

Just like old times. I haven’t been white boyed since Katrina. Yes, things must be getting back to normal here in New Orleans. By way of contrast, just a month ago I rode my bike through the Iberville projects and encountered some young men smoking reefer on the sidewalk. I think they wanted to intimidate me, but they were off their game. They called me “bike boy.” It was kind of pathetic.

  1. Congratulations white boy. For more guaranteed chip up on their shoulder urban edginess try the Galvez/Canal Spur (Ideal Mart). It is as you say (and to me even more so than before), pathetic.

  2. While living in Providence I was called “cracker” in an interesting part of town. Funny, I didn’t feel threatened by the word at all. The word just doesn’t have the power that other racial slurs do. Of course if those guys had baseball bats in their hands, I would think different.

  3. Sounds like a combination of race and age discrimination. Shouldn’t someone of your years be known as “white man”?

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