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  1. I don’t think you have anything to be concerned about. The tone of the show is fine.

  2. I think like any show, if you understand where J & B have come from, you can understand how serious this episode is compared to all the “J & B” shows of the past. Perhaps if this was your first viewing episode you might think it’s a bit light on the subject matter. Regardless, everyone’s Katrina story is different. Your ROX story seems more of displacement, lost things, and bizarreness of what had happened. What I did like about this episode was that it was personal and wasn’t going for one of a thousand CNN, MSNBC, and FOX stories. Of course one of the central themes of Rox is makin’ a drink, and definitely this was one time where a drink needed to be made.

  3. LML LML

    I have viewed almost every episode made. In viewing all of these shows I have noticed 2 things. “J&B on the ROX” was a very different show than “ROX.” Also this basically a documentary about whatever is. I have been unable to view the “finished” version of 93 completely, but I believe it should be placed in a competition of sorts. This show comes back to the “J&B” roots, is that why you put J&B on it? In my opinion anyway, it’s probably the best episode made, it’s a shame that it had to be made due to a natural disaster, but such is life.

    B- I’m working on some vids for the family from my trip, as soon as I get that done, I’ll get you a list. From what I can tell so far it will be quite a few, if that’s ok with you. Some of the episodes I have are “ok” but if what you have is better, then why not use it?

    Later man

  4. Hey, man you have a sense of humor and spunk. You need that and a few + lots of Panama Red to deal with what you went through. I’ve tuned into a few other of your other videos too. All the strength to you and Xy. You are the people that New Orleans needs. I read all of your posts. Do I get to be in a video? Keep on!

  5. Marco: Yes! You get to be in a video! Just record yourself with some of that Panama Red and send it in to us. We’ll put it in our next episode, “Hangover Cures.” Panama Red is a good hangover cure, isn’t it?

    Lee: Actually I’ve been sneaking the “J&B on the” prefix into a number of 4th season titles. Not sure how many. We’ve been ambivalent about the title of the series. The main reason we shortened it to just “ROX” was because people were calling the show “J&B” for short and we wanted the show to be about more than just J and B. You’ll note Spab still calls the show “J&B” so I guess we weren’t entirely successful. Also we thought we might have a shot at commercial viability once upon a time and we wanted to avoid legal entanglements with Justerini & Brooks. But on the other hand the “J&B on the ROX” title captures much of the flavor and concept of the show.

  6. Si Senor,
    Panama red is good and so is Sensemilla.

  7. Joe Joe

    Wow. Great episode. Thanks.

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