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Fast Food

Inside Rally's

Intrigued by a post over at e-mail from NOLA, I took a tour yesterday afternoon of a few local fast food joints, all within a few blocks from our house.

  1. Billy K’s Seafood: debris removed
  2. McDonald’s: cleaned and gutted
  3. Burger King: cleaned and gutted
  4. Rally’s: untouched and stinky as hell

None of them are open, obviously, nor do they show any sign of opening. Score one for the Mom & Pop joints.

If you’re so inclined, you can see more of the photos.

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  1. What a pity, as Rallys is my favorite among the four. (rolls eyes at self) How many convinience stores have reopened?

  2. Actually we have a few convenience stores open in the neighborhood. And I’m sure they are making some serious bank now. Sure the population is diminished, but the competition is eliminated!

  3. Noticed walking through Riverwalk when we were home MG week to close on our new house, all of the local merchants are. All of the national merchants are shuttered, no doubt waiting to see if the traffic counts come back. This should be remembered the next time somebody like Virgin Megastore or one of the Riverwalk merchants asks for a tax abatement.

  4. I noticed that same thing, Markus. What would we have done for the past 7 months if Dorignac’s and Langenstein’s had not re-opened so soon? I decided then to support these local merchants whenever I can. Starbucks is another one that has not reopened in Orleans parish. The Taco Bells seem to have permanently shut down in both Orleans and Jefferson. To paraphrase Mick Jagger, I used to love Taco Bell, but it’s all over now.

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