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  1. Cade Roux Cade Roux

    Great bit. I was so looking forward to Chaos after reading the preview by Deep Float on, now I am really bummed – baby had to go to sleep early.

  2. I forgot to mention:

    My neighbor showed me some sort of military discharge paper which he was carrying folded in his wallet. In particular he drew my attention to the medals and honors he’d received: the Purple Heart, the Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm, the Vietnam Service Medal with two Bronze Stars, and more. He was proud of these achievements.

    And it occured to me, as I stood there on the porch with him, that this little scrap of paper was all he had left.

    PS: The BBC got back to me and said they’re definitely using the segment.

  3. dental ben dental ben

    B- I was deeply moved from the piece as well…and after driving through Mid-City about every 2 weeks since September 14th, I know there are thousands more like him. I am still perplexed why more ‘renters’ weren’t let back into their homes earlier by either the officials or landlords to save their own stuff. We worked our tail off to save our own and the landlord’s apartment only to learn our shotgun neighbor didn’t move anything and their side is ruined. In this man’s case, Lord only knows where he ended up…and why didn’t the landlord’s help save their own place and in return help him? The things that have gone on in the city pre and post Katrina continue to baffle me…

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