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And a Sweaty New Year

Goodbye 2005. The general consensus here in New Orleans seems to be: We’re glad to see this one go.

I used to think of the year I lived in Sweden as the worst in my life, wrought as it was with teen angst and personal conflicts and the pain of apostasy, not to mention the cold dark winter near the arctic circle.

But 2005 was worse.

We had a small party at our house, whence we ventured forth to Orleans Avenue round midnight, just in time for the bonfire madness. People pile up their Xmas trees, light ’em on fire, then run around the fire. It’s the most fun you can have on New Year’s Eve. Due to my general ineptitude, I don’t have any pictures, but you can look at the ones I took last year.

We came back to our house for a meal of black-eyed peas. The party was fun. I got to meet bloggers Jim and Laureen and hang out with new friends and old.

And today it hit something like 80 degrees. That’s mighty warm for January, even in New Orleans.

Here’s hoping 2006 is a better year.

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  1. I think one of the best new years I had was my last in Bloomington, in 95. At about 11:30, I discovered I still had about ten bricks of bottlerockets hidden away in a closet, and in a great state of inebriation, passed them out and started a huge fireworks war in the street. We didn’t have any trees to burn, but it was still pretty fun.

  2. […] Shirley, Shirley Jr, and I went to the quarter last week and had great fun! We ate begnets, listened to music and had a great time. We also went to a party at B and Xy’s house on New Years Eve and went to the bonfire on Orleans Ave. It was great to be with them and the Homans. We’re intentionally doing more New Orleans things when I’m in town like eating a muffaletta from Central Grocery or playing at City Park. […]

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