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We Got Mail!

I was astonished to discover mail in our mailbox this morning. It must have been delivered Saturday, because I only filled out the little form to resume delivery on Friday, and I believe today is a federal holiday (since New Year’s Day fell on a Sunday).

And what cool mail it is:

  • A Christmas card from David that says “Have a M.R.E. Christmas and a happy new fridge.” (This might only make sense to people living in the area.)
  • From Risa and Ella in Bloomington, a scrabble tray with tiles glued into place to spell out Xy’s name: CHRISTY P
  • A couple music CDs from Plan-It-X Records, also in Bloomington, by Captain Chaos and Madeline — postmarked October 8th!
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  1. Terrific news!

    Could you please say a bit more about the postal system in NO at the moment? I keep thinking about your “the lines are longer, so more people are back” comment – do most folks have home delivery again? or do they rely upon the PO? What’s the structure in place or lack thereof?

  2. Most people are not back in their homes. In fact, most people are not even back in the city. Some parts of the city are not even open for overnight stays, I believe. So the lines at the PO are because people are picking up their mail. Mostly these are people who are in the city, perhaps only temporarily, but unable to live in their homes. We’ve got a loooong way to go.

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