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Old School

I’ve spent the better part of the last two days hauling stuff from Xy’s old school to her new one. Just a short drive up and down DeGualle. Five car loads and half a pickup truck too.

A lot of people don’t realize that teachers tend to have to furnish all their own supplies, out of their own pockets. But that’s how it is.


SWAT/SOD is still using her old school as a base of operations. 80 guys, sort of a frat house atmosphere. The school yard is clogged with vehicles: police cruisers, SUVs, boats. The halls are lined with supplies: bottled water, batteries, Girl Scout cookies. Some beer, some porn.

I’ve volunteered to go back in, tomorrow maybe, and help retrieve more supplies on behalf of the principal.

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  1. ned ned

    “bottled water, batteries, Girl Scout cookies. Some beer, some porn” — now i have a list of emergency preparedness items to keep on hand.

  2. […] taken on a Saturday afternoon, but the point’s still relevant. I’d spent several days pilfering her old school for supplies to bring to the new […]

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