Xy got punched in the stomach today by a third-grader. She confiscated a basketball from him; he was playing instead of getting in line for the bus. She’s fine. He’s expelled. Same kid that took a crap in the stairwell last month. Oh yeah. The schools are in great shape.

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Today was Xy’s first day at Eisenhower Elementary. It was strange. Only two of the old Eisenhower faculty have been re-hired. There were former Eisenhower teachers in the building, retrieving their possessions, berating the new principal, and breaking down in tears. Xy feels guilty for having a job when other good teachers don’t. But she’s […]

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Xy got a call today confirming that she’s got a job teaching at Eisenhower Elementary in Algiers. She starts tomorrow morning at 9am. The principal advised her to “wear your dungarees” so we can only assume the school needs some clean-up. School starts on the 14th, half-days at first, with full days in the new […]

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