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A few days ago I got an e-mail from one of the higher-ups at the University indicating that I still have a job there.

The message was informal but said that the University “is having significant layoffs and terminations” and that I will be the only staffer in my unit “who will continue to receive full salary between now and reconvening in January.” They’re even giving me some tasks to work on now.

Honestly I haven’t been too worried about my job. I figured even if I got laid off there would be plenty of opportunities for good work in New Orleans. My skills are fairly portable.

I feel bad for my co-workers. I wonder what this means for them. Will they be offered partial paychecks for the next months? No paychecks? Will they have jobs in January? How could my unit exist without them?

A friend in New Orleans tells me that the Times-Picayune had a story about the cuts: 58% of staff, 36% of faculty. And already I’m hearing tales through the grapevine of who’s been cut and who’s been retained.

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  1. Mark Mark

    Good for you B!
    Unfortunately, not so good news for me. So ASAP I need the TPR stuff so that I can put it on a server. I’m looking for jobs right now and that should be a bonus for me if it can get up and running.

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