We’ve just had E.M.A.N.S. boxes installed all across the campus, including here in our office. The acronym stands for “Emergency Mass Alert Notification System,” and it’s designed to let people note about emergency situations, like if there was madman roaming around with a gun. It’s a fairly discrete system, designed to avoid mass panics. It’s […]

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Donna told me she almost couldn’t get to work today because the buses weren’t running. “Why aren’t they running?” I wondered. “Because the drivers are on strike,” she said. “Check nola.com.” So I did, and sure enough, they’ve posted a story about it: RTA sick-out strands riders, may affect Jazzfest Recently nola.com has moved to […]

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I just learned that tomorrow will be my co-worker Althea’s last day here at the University. Althea has been with the University for many years. I believe she started working as an administrative assistant in English. I knew her because she was working a computer lab manager for my unit when I was hired back […]

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A few days ago I got an e-mail from one of the higher-ups at the University indicating that I still have a job there. The message was informal but said that the University “is having significant layoffs and terminations” and that I will be the only staffer in my unit “who will continue to receive […]

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We decided to go further than Jackson MS. We have taken refuge in Mandeville LA, at the home of Xavier prof Jonathan Rotondo-McCord. Mandeville is on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain. Outside the water is slowly rising, spreading through the streets of this subdivision and into yards and homes. We don’t expect it will […]

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