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Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on an interactive Flash movie for BibleDudes. It simulates an archaeological dig, and you can explore 29 different stratagraphical layers, with artifacts and descriptions of the period.

The time-consuming part of this has been producing the 58 necessary illustrations, two for each level, each based on a photograph of an actual artifact.

But as of today, I’m finally finished with the illustrations. I saved the most intricate illustration for last, and I’m particularly happy with the way it turned out:

BasinIt’s a polychrome footed basin from Iznik (Ottoman Empire, ca. 1585 CE). Yes, that’s right, I’m posting a picture of an old ceramic pot. Is this boring enough for you, Bill?

Lest it sound like I’m complaining, I’m not. Quite the opposite. I enjoy this aspect of my job. Working on interesting multimedia projects like this is fun.

Now I just need to revamp the navigational interface.

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  1. lemming lemming

    Very cool illustration – wow! – and sounds like the sort of game I’d find fun. (I’ve no desire to spend months digging in the dirt, wimp that I am.)

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