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Defend New Orleans?

Elliott (a prof here at the university) asked me if I know of a group called “Defend New Orleans.” Actually he wasn’t sure if they’re a group or just a slogan. Someone handed him some stickers on Mardi Gras, because he moved some pylons onto Frenchmen to stop cars from coming through the block party. The guy with the stickers said they’re a group that likes stuff like that.

The stickers said “Defend New Orleans.”

Later, Elliott found them on the web. The page is somewhat mysterious. Just pix of people wearing t-shirts and some links to other groups.

Two icons appear on the stickers, on the shirts and on the website: a skull with a fleur de lis and a rifle.

Elliott speculates:

I assume those are meant to protest a) the Saints taking money that could go to better causes and b) crime. I’m not sure though.

I have no clue, but I’d like to learn more.

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  1. Me too

  2. I was watching TV the other night, and a guy with that T on was helping people that are still in NO. Very cool guy, bringing people food and water, and make sure all is OK. DW

  3. dash dash

    The guy’s name is Jac; you can send him a message at

    The web site is

    Help them out. There’s no red tape or bureaucracy. It’s just some people who give a damn making a real difference.

    SSgt Travis Johnson
    Louisiana Air National Guard

  4. hi –
    momo here, I lived in no 01 – 04, now live in Brooklyn. Pretty sure the original slogan was “Deffend Brooklyn”, it predated my moving here, my impression was some designy Williamsburg folks making T-shirts for the hell of it; same riffles, less meaning. I’ve been slow to find a worthwhile grassroots org to set up an auction as benifit for- maybe this is a lead… Thanks

  5. There’s an op-ed in the N.Y.Times today with the Deffend NO… I’d read it but its “Times Select”

  6. bp bp

    Defend it from gentrification, it originally was.

  7. OK, for obvious reasons, this post from February 2005 is generating some interest months after the fact.

    Here’s the latest. Check the sticker:

    Defend New Orleans

    And check the website:

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