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Morrisey Has Forgiven Jesus

Have you heard Morrisey’s new single, or seen the video? It’s nothing spectacular, nor is the music. But I can’t remember the last time I was so impressed by the lyrics of a pop song. Scratch that — it’s not even the lyrics. The title alone says it all: “I Have Forgiven Jesus.” Wow. I’m astounded by the sheer, brilliant audacity of this conceit.

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  1. polly polly

    i agree, very funny [cheeky] song title. your blog kicks ass ! and along the lines of pop music/religion, i heard the disturbing news that Beck is a Scientologist. i pray this is just a vicious rumor.

  2. Me Me

    I know Morrisey’s fans are disregarded as “somethings” but I don’t believe there is a true Morrissey fan who isn’t living this song.

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