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Our friend Scott Brown, a teacher at Xy’s school, had his apartment burglarized today. The thief took his computer and all his CDs and a few other things. Not a great loss financially, but he felt really violated and freaked out and scared. He’s already gotten out of his lease and will start looking for another place this weekend. He came over and hung out with us just because he didn’t want to be alone.

Funny, one of my favorite guides to the city, Access New Orleans, has this to say about Uptown (where Scott lives):

Residents are bedeviled by an active criminal underclass (burglars, mostly)…

And Xy observed earlier this evening that just about everyone we know who’s lived Uptown has been robbed at some point. My bike was stolen when we were living on Palmer. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that everyone Uptown seems to hide away in their houses. In our neighborhood in Mid-City, there are always people hanging out on the street, which can be annoying sometimes, but there are plenty of witnesses. You might get shot, but maybe you’re less likely to get burglarized.

I don’t know, this is the sort of vague generalizing that I usually criticize in others. So, never mind.

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  1. dan burton dan burton

    my friend dylan posa had his bike and car stolen in uptown. he lives just off napoleon. he’s also been home during an attempted break in. freaky.

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