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Pledge Week

Pledge week began this morning on my local NPR affiliate. Their goal was to raise an entire day’s funds in just one hour. They did it, and then they shut up. I think that’s great, because I hate pledge week, and I’d gladly contribute more money if it meant fewer interruptions in programming. In fact, I sent in my annual membership contribution a few weeks early with tthe understanding that it would help “keep on-air fundraising to a minimum.”

But I have two questions:

  1. Is this one-hour blitz just a local idea, or are they doing it across the nation?
  2. They had a “member matching fund” or some such that offered to match contributions “dollar for dollar” during this hour. Does this mean that by contributing earlier I halved my contribution (by not doubling it)?
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  1. Don’t even get me started on how much I hate pledge week. Being a renewing member for years now, I really get irritated. I know how important it is and all, but… Maybe I’m all too used to the web, but I want to be able to use a password and skip through the advertisements, you know?

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