Unexpected circumstances found me at the Fairmont talking to Ira Glass of This American Life. “I really wanted to come see you talk tonight,” I told him. “I was just too cheap to buy a ticket. But my friend here” — I pointed to David — “broke up with his girlfriend last night, so he […]

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For about the past month or so the local NPR affiliate has been saying that “many of our listeners have told us that NPR is more important to them now than ever,” followed by a plug to support the station financially. Could there be any doubt that “now more than ever” is a coded reference […]

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Pledge week began this morning on my local NPR affiliate. Their goal was to raise an entire day’s funds in just one hour. They did it, and then they shut up. I think that’s great, because I hate pledge week, and I’d gladly contribute more money if it meant fewer interruptions in programming. In fact, […]

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I’m suffering from radio withdrawal because it’s pledge week on both the local NPR affiliate (WWNO). Normally I would just switch over to Tulane University’s radio station (WTUL) for the week, but guess what? They’re in the middle of their annual “Rock On Survival Marathon.” In other words, it’s pledge week there too. Damn! I […]

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