Xy’s officially completing her seventh month of pregnancy today. She’s doing fine, aside from occasional heartburn. It’s been amusing how everyone (even her, even me) attributes everything to her pregnancy. For example, if I say she sleeps a lot, people say, “It’s because she’s pregnant.” If I say she doesn’t sleep at all, the response […]

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Today is Xy’s birthday. She wanted a Kurt Cobain lunch box (I am not making this up) so I went to FunRock’N on Magazine where said item had been spotted. After a comedy of errors (including being turned away from the store in error) I ascertained that they did not have the lunch box anymore. […]

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Jaylene and her friend Tom came down from Indy for a quick visit this weekend. Saturday night we had dinner at Jacques-Imo’s, with just a bit of trepidation since we kinda thought they were slipping a while back, plus Xy had a major meltdown last time we visited. I’m happy to report we found Jacques-Imo’s […]

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