I recently got an update to our homeowner’s policy. It’s something like a hundred pages long. Past updates were only a few pages. I’m supposed to wade through all this legalese? I’d have to hire a lawyer just to find out how badly we’re getting screwed. A quick glance reveals there’s a “trampoline exclusion” and […]

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People who take the elevator to go up one floor when stairs are available. Using the elevator to go up two flights of stairs is almost as annoying. For some it’s a matter of physical laziness, but for many it’s more mental laziness. They just don’t think about taking the stairs. They take the elevator […]

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AltaVista reveals the following word count on the Web: beep: 625,434 beeep: 12,191 beeeep: 2,962 beeeeep: 1,264 beeeeeep: 931 beeeeeeep: 453 beeeeeeeep: 866 beeeeeeeeep: 273 beeeeeeeeeep: 562 beeeeeeeeeeep: 131 What I found most intriguing is the surprisingly low count for beeeeeeeeep (9 E’s). I can’t imagine why this is the case. So I repeated the […]

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