Yesterday, as I was cooking dinner, I heard the beat of drums outside our house. I recognized that sound immediately and knew what it meant: Warren Easton marches again! It’s probably the coolest thing about living on my block. The high school marching band comes down our street almost every school day. Or rather, they […]

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Ever had the feeling that all the pieces are coming together — but none of them fit? Like maybe some wiseacre at the factory mixed together a bunch of different puzzles as a prank? Yeah, me too. I stopped by Michael’s house after work yesterday to talk with Roy Bragg of the San Antonio Express-News. […]

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Michael and I were walking down my street the other night after a neighborhood meeting (there are meetings every night) and we came upon three young African-American men, hanging out by a parked car with the stereo cranked. A year ago this wouldn’t have been unusual, but very few black residents have returned to my […]

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I was just panhandled in front of my house, by a guy from the neighborhood who’s been working on the house across the street. This was a not infrequent occurence in antediluvian days, but this marks the first time it’s happened since the storm. He asked for $2.00. I gave him a buck fifty. I […]

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If it’s not one thing it’s another. There’s a slight plumbing problem at the house two doors down. It looks like the landlord is trying to get it fixed, but the result is a giant hole in the sidewalk full of raw sewage. Update — Tuesday, April 11th: I called the Sewerage & Water Board, […]

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We woke up this morning to the sound of major demolition. Sure enough, they’re tearing down Physicians Hospital, just like we heard they would. I don’t mourn the passage of these buildings too much. They were in pretty sad shape pre-Katrina, abandoned for years. I’m not sure if they were salvageable. My boss and I […]

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