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Fiesta de Bebe

Today Xy and I hosted a baby shower for one of our new neighbors. She and most of the guests are Honduran.

It might seem ironic, hosting a baby shower, given what happened Wednesday, but actually Xy offered to host the event before she even knew she was pregnant.

Girls in the Front

The event itself was interesting. It’s always interesting, in an extremely boring way, to be the only person who doesn’t speak the language. It brought back memories — of living in Sweden, and of a few evenings here in New Orleans, years ago.

Boys in the Back

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  1. rickngentilly rickngentilly

    one of the things that allways confounds me is that a lot of my co-workers and the guests of the hotel i work at allways refer to the new wave of hispanic co-workers at my job as mexicans. most of them are from honduras and a few from ecador.

    if you ever learn the lingo i would be interested on their take on this.

    my life as a renter was spent mostly in mid-city.

    i remember at one point when a guy was running for an elected office in honduras he came to mid-city to speak and some one told me that mid-city had the largest hondurian population out side of honduras.

  2. Karen Karen

    yo hablo espanol

    in fact we are working on a Neighborhood Outreach form in Spanish. Since most of the current residents of our Neighborhood were not here before the storm we are trying to educate, on isues of School, Trash pickup, Speed Limits and other resources
    If anyone needs help with translations get in touch

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