Yesterday I had lunch with my old friend Kevin Kennedy. We went to high school together in Greenwood, Indiana. I learned from him that our 20 year high school reunion was that very night. At first I didn’t want to go, because it’s hard to celebrate anything when people are dying in New Orleans. But […]

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Getting there was hellacious. We faced two major traffic blockages and two major downpours. We were rear-ended — just a tap, no damage. We ran over a large mysterious object. Our windshield wipers stopped working midway through the second downpour. And, quite frankly, Xy is not a great traveling companion. We had a number of […]

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On New Year’s Eve, 1963, my grandparents’ house burned down. They rebuilt. Their three daughters (and their husbands) came from around the country to join them in Fort Wayne, Indiana for Christmas, 1964, in their new, three-story farmhouse. I hadn’t been born yet, but I think one or two of my older cousins may have […]

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