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A Disappointing Reunion

We got a call from Crystal, one of the girls who used to live across the street from us. She is now living in Houston. She was in town for the weekend, and wanted to visit. Xy has been missing the girls, and so she was pretty excited about the reunion.

Yet, somehow, it wasn’t much fun.

Pizza Party

For one thing, it turned out that Donika and Danielle and Willanita were not in town after all — only Crystal. She brought along a bunch of her friends, most of whom we didn’t know. There ended up being eight people in their party, including two infants; I don’t know how Xy fit them all in her car. It was pretty chaotic. Crystal herself was preoccupied with other stuff, like retrieving some possessions from her flooded home, and visiting with other people. She hardly had time to exchange two words with Xy. But ain’t that just like a teenager?

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