Before the panel, Chris and Sandy and Alan and Ted and I were sitting together, having breakfast and chatting. Chris asked each of us for a tidbit of personal info he could use in the introductions. I told him I put the first TV series on the internet. Alan considered for a moment and finally […]

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I’m gearing up for the New Media Consortium’s 2007 Regional Conference later this week. I’ll be on a panel called “Digital in the Wild” with Alan Gutierrez, Sandy Rosenthal, Ted Cash, and Christopher Reader (moderator). So I’m pondering the following discussion questions and working out what I might say. How did your technology needs change […]

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Last week I moderated a blogger panel. I was disappointed with the low attendance, but at certain times of the semester it’s hard to get faculty to turn out. However, I was very pleased with the actual content — the bloggers were articulate and thoughtful and passionate. It was a great discussion. A big thank […]

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It’s been a couple weeks since I participated in a panel sponsored by Xavier University’s Communications Department. It was titled “Media, Communication and Community: Private and Public Interests in Rebuilding New Orleans.” On the panel with me was Sakura Kone of Common Ground; Jarvis DeBerry of the Times Picayune; Rebecca Snedeker, the filmmaker who made […]

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I’ll be participating in a panel discussion on “Media, Communication and Community: Private and Public Interests in Rebuilding New Orleans” this Wednesday night. It’s sponsored by the Xavier University Communications Department and it’s open to the general public. More info. Next week, I’ll be moderating a panel discussion on “New Media and Community Activism in […]

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I participated today in a panel discussion at Loyola, sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists. Kind of funny, given that I am not a professional journalist. The topic: “Online User Comments and its impact on news coverage, news Web sites and freedom of speech.” My fellow participants were all involved in one way or […]

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