I’ve been wearing contact lenses for almost four months now. Mainly they’ve made me realize how much my glasses suck. But the contacts are far from perfect. They tend to get uncomfortable after a while — I get a bit of a headache. They’re blurry unless they’re sitting in exactly the right part of my […]

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On a hunch, I try putting my “right” lens in my left eye. Hmm. Things seem clearer. So I put the “left” lens in my right eye. And guess what? Yup, I can read again. My suspicions were aroused when I first picked up the lenses. The two boxes were marked with their respective prescriptions, […]

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Today is my fourth day of wearing my new contact lenses. I picked them up Friday afternoon, wore them for five hours on Saturday, seven hours on Sunday, eight hours yesterday. I’m definitely getting more comfortable with them, especially putting them in and taking them out, at which I was initially inept. When I first […]

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I went to see an eye doctor this afternoon. I wasn’t having any particular problems, but it’s been four of five years since my last exam, so I went out of general principle. I made an appoinment at Canal Vision, a place that is around the corner from where we live. From the outside, it […]

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