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Well Damn

On a hunch, I try putting my “right” lens in my left eye. Hmm. Things seem clearer. So I put the “left” lens in my right eye. And guess what? Yup, I can read again.

My suspicions were aroused when I first picked up the lenses. The two boxes were marked with their respective prescriptions, but not for which eye. The good doctor marked them “left” and “right” just as he handed them to me. When I put them in for the first time the next morning, I wondered if maybe they were swapped. Looking at the prescriptions on the sides of the boxes didn’t reassure me. I always thought my left eye had more astigmatism, yet the “left” box said AX 30, while the “right” said AX 170.

Oh well. I’m happy now. I’ve got 20/20 vision again. Just wish I had tried this four days ago.

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