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Open Up the Tired Eyes

Today is my fourth day of wearing my new contact lenses. I picked them up Friday afternoon, wore them for five hours on Saturday, seven hours on Sunday, eight hours yesterday.

I’m definitely getting more comfortable with them, especially putting them in and taking them out, at which I was initially inept.

When I first wore them, I was disturbed by the fact that I couldn’t see as clearly, especially close-up, as I’d been able to see with the temporary lenses the good doctor had given me. Those weren’t even my prescription! I figured my new, correct lenses should provide clearer vision.

So I called Dr. Burns and he explained that since my new lenses were stronger, the muscles that focus my eyes would have to work harder. Since I’ve worn glasses for many years, those muscles are somewhat atrophied, and there will be a period of adjustment as these muscles get stronger.

I forgot to ask how long this would take. Four days later and the world is still slightly blurry. It’s damned hard to read, and I read a lot. I can feel my eyes getting a workout, trying to focus. They do get tired. And I have had a few moments of complete clarity, where everything is suddenly crisp and sharp and beautiful.

Then I blink, and it’s gone.

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  1. lemming lemming

    Advice, take it for what it’s worth –
    Give yourself about a week of wearing the lenses at least eight continuous hours a day. If you’re still having trouble by that time, ask for re-examination and adjustment. My eyes (like yours) needed to get back in practice, but I still couldn’t read. The eye doctor re-examined me with lenses in, found that the curse of one lens was off, and ordered a replacement. All is now much better.

    Yours in wearing sunglasses again –

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