Xy and I were going to the library Saturday and decided we were hungry for lunch. We were passing by the Freret Street Festival and stopped there for some food. I was astonished to run in to so many New Orleans bloggers there: dangerblond, Maitri, Loki, HammHawk — I heard Ashley was there and also […]

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Last night Todd Price came by and we paid a visit to my Hoosier Mexican neighbors. Todd is the only person writing for the local alt-weekly who also speaks Spanish, and he’s researching a potential story. At the neighbor’s house there were a bunch of people gathered around the TV watching Univision, mostly sitting on […]

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Poetry in Exile: My friend, neighbor and co-worker Biljana D. Obradovic has started a blog. She’s looking for people from the XU English Department, so if you’re reading this, please get in touch with her. Get Your Act On: Andrea Garland is heading back in to New Orleans. Good luck, Andrea! I wish I could […]

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