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  1. Amazing story. Doesn’t even sound like it should be written about the U.S.

  2. It’s an amazing story definately…makes you think that unless you were there to experience it – you don’t know anything…

  3. rcs rcs

    Wow. Similar experience published here. Forced out of their hotel, walk across the CCC and get turned back at gunpoint by Gretna sheriffs.

    Sounds like everyone who stayed was treated as a “thug.” Pretty sickening.

  4. MF MF

    Is there another way I could read it? Blogspot is censored here, unfortunately.

    You know what I was thinking the other day? If you transposed Katrina and its aftermath to China, US politicians and pundits would say it would be proof that communism doesn’t work.

  5. Michael Michael

    Bart, do you have a phone number that you can reach me at? I want to talk to you about how you are doing, XU, BibleDudes and other stuff. I’m at my mom’s, 402 391 0426

  6. Michael must be an incredible individual. Wow.

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