I wish I had the good taste and self-restraint to only post mixes of “good” music, or music that I really like. But unfortunately I don’t, and here’s the proof: fifteen tracks of dubious quality on a science fiction theme. I love science fiction, but this mix is pretty awful. (My apologies to the artists.) […]

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Here’s a mix of twenty-one tracks to inspire and uplift, occasionally veering into the cornball but mostly keeping it real, including music by Oneida, Ella Fitzgerald and Desmond Dekker. When I look back over the last few years, there’s sure plenty to get down about: floods, murder, war, personal hardships aplenty for my family and […]

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For no particular reason, here’s a mix of 18 tracks with a vaguely animalistic theme. It’s an hour of music, aggressively eclectic — some might say obnoxiously so — from madrigal to metal, from rock to reggae, from the goofy to the sublime, from Thurl Ravenscroft to Blue Öyster Cult to Quincy Jones. The animal […]

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