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Retoxify Me

Sobriety has been fun, but it’s not for me. There’s less than 48 hours ’til my arbitrary self-imposed abstinence regimen comes to an end and I allow myself to enjoy a drink. Or two.

I was thinking of starting with a Campari and soda before dinner, then maybe a glass of pinot noir with the meal, and perhaps some amaretto as a digestif. Then it would be time for some serious drinking, perhaps a Sazerac or two, a Manhattan, an old-fashioned? I know from past experience that breaking such a fast can be tricky.

So I am taking any and all suggestions. What would you have if you were coming off a 36 1/2 day anti-bender?

P.S. Here is a mix of my favorite drinking songs, to get you in the mood… for drinking.

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  1. Go to Cure on Freret and Upperline and let the bartenders take care of you.

  2. A bottle of red Rioja. Splurge for a good one. Easy on the head and stomach.

  3. Peris Peris

    The Campari sounds perfect. Something bitter to pace you. Same for the Sazerac.

  4. Well, you probably read it and know my vote already, but I’m putting in anyway. I suggest you go pick up a bottle of Ojen and let that dreamy concoction work its way into your system.

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