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Retoxify Me

Sobriety has been fun, but it’s not for me. There’s less than 48 hours ’til my arbitrary self-imposed abstinence regimen comes to an end and I allow myself to enjoy a drink. Or two.

I was thinking of starting with a Campari and soda before dinner, then maybe a glass of pinot noir with the meal, and perhaps some amaretto as a digestif. Then it would be time for some serious drinking, perhaps a Sazerac or two, a Manhattan, an old-fashioned? I know from past experience that breaking such a fast can be tricky.

So I am taking any and all suggestions. What would you have if you were coming off a 36 1/2 day anti-bender?

P.S. Here is a mix of my favorite drinking songs, to get you in the mood… for drinking.

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  1. Well, you probably read it and know my vote already, but I’m putting in anyway. I suggest you go pick up a bottle of Ojen and let that dreamy concoction work its way into your system.

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