I’ve got a new essay up at Friends of Lafitte Corridor. Most if not all of the major spiritual traditions on our planet seem to embrace the path as a metaphor. Maybe that’s why I’ve found the prospect of a greenway in the Lafitte Corridor so inspiring over the years. There’s been something very compelling […]

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Some time way back in the mid-70s, when I was in elementary school, I read about the Christian martyr Valentius. According to the account I read, he was imprisoned. Desiring to write letters to his friends, but lacking any paper, he instead used the leaves that were growing outside the window of his prison cell. […]

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Throughout my childhood my family made regular visits to my grandfather’s place, a doublewide trailer at the dead end of a long rural road, secluded acreage at the edge of Pottawatomi State Park in scenic Door County, Wisconsin. On one visit, I excavated (from a drawer in a nightstand in a guest bedroom) a remaindered […]

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When I was a wee lad in elementary school, I was fascinated to read about the origin of the modern “heart” shape, which looks nothing like the anatomical human heart. It all goes back to Saint Valentine, the Xian martyr, who was locked up in prison, and sent notes of love (presumably agapeic love, not […]

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