We got back into Mid-City again today and spent the morning cleaning up my house. Michael doesn’t want to clean up his house before the adjuster gets a look at it. First we hauled stuff out to the curb — a sodden, smelly, moldy, gross mess. Then we hosed the tile floor down. Then I […]

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I am exhausted — mentally, emotionally, physically. Michael and I got to our homes. We took pictures and tried to assess the damage and retrieved some belongings. We rescued Oot, Michael’s daughter’s sugar glider. All before noon. Then we drove around the city and checked things out. We took pictures of friends’ houses: MaPó, PJ, […]

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Just read an article gives me hope that maybe our home is salvageable. Figures liberally quoted in the national press would suggest that much of the city will have to be rebuilt. This is not the case. Having worked as an architect in New Orleans for over 30 years, I know that the vast majority […]

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