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Cleaning Up

We got back into Mid-City again today and spent the morning cleaning up my house. Michael doesn’t want to clean up his house before the adjuster gets a look at it.

First we hauled stuff out to the curb — a sodden, smelly, moldy, gross mess. Then we hosed the tile floor down. Then I sprayed bleach solution all over using a pump sprayer, to retard the growth of mold. (Thanks to Mike Leonard for that suggestion.) I wish I could turn on the AC units or the whole-house fan to further ventilate and dry the place out, but of course there’s no electricity.

Tough work. Now my back hurts such that I can’t stand fully erect.

There’s no way I could have done this without Michael Homan’s help. I might not even have made this trip without the impetus he provided. Thanks, Michael.

Michael’s father-in-law is an adjuster with claims in New Orleans. Yesterday he was trying to get into the city, and I talked to him on the phone. He said he was blocked at the checkpoints coming from Jeff Parish. The policeman told him no one’s allowed in but emergency workers. When he mentioned that his son-in-law was in the city checking on his home, the policeman said, “Give me his address and I’ll arrest him and throw his ass in jail.”

We’ll probably head back to the Midwest tomorrow.

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  1. Morris Morris

    I got in yesterday at Jefferson Hwy and Claiborne. Showed cop my license and told him I had to pay a crew working on my business. It was bullshit, but it worked. My house is flooded and ruined Uptown on Galvez.

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