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Unfinished Business

As we head north on I-55, I’m thinking of all the stuff I still need to do with my house in New Orleans:

Need to clean out the back room downstairs, which we called the craft room. It’s a terrible mess. We had to break the door just to get in. I didn’t have the stamina to clean it up.

Need to at least put a tarp on the hole in the roof. Hope it doesn’t rain much.

Need to deal with the refrigerator. Frozen salmon and bratwurst, no electricity, one month… Urgh.

But these things will have to wait. I’m headed back to Bloomington now to rest up and plot my next move.

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  1. Scott Scott

    B, FEMA has a bunch of people putting on blue tarps like the ones that are used for whole house termite smogging.

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