Last Wednesday I got a filling and a temporary crown. While I was numbed up I took a bite out of the inside of my cheek. The temp popped off that evening while I was eating dinner, but my dentist re-affixed it the next morning. The pain in my cheek and jaw got worse, however, […]

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My mouth is numb from a visit to the dentist. They drilled on a couple teeth on my upper left and one on my lower right. The anesthetic did its job. I didn’t feel a thing. Completely painless. The criss-cross numbness makes me feel like the Harlequin of Novocaine. Unfortunately I think I’ve chewed a […]

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Damn my dentist. Damn him! He has moved to Metairie. I first chose this dentist about two years ago based solely on his location, just three blocks from our house. And, happily enough, he turned out to be a good dentist. Xy now goes to him as well, and we’ve even referred a friend. But […]

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Xy got her root canal. She’s drugged up — so what else is new? Actually the dentist didn’t finish the job, only phase one. She’s got to go back in for phases two and three. He also discovered she has an ear and throat infection, so she got a scrip for some antibiotics.

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Friday night I couldn’t get to sleep. Same again Saturday. I seemed to be experiencing some vague and nameless dread, some free-floating anxiety. (I’ve never suffered from true insomnia, but I used to have lots of trouble getting to sleep at night, years ago. Such nights are rare now.) Sunday night Xy gave me a […]

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Up until two years ago, I’d only had one filling in my entire life. But that has changed. The dentist gave me two fillings today. (He also patched up an old, old chip on one of my front teeth.) I’m going back for two more on the other side of my mouth soon. That makes […]

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Y’all know that dentists number human teeth for ease of reference, right? #32 is the last tooth, the one in your lower right, if you have it. Well, my #32 has never fully erupted, and it bothers me from time to time. So yesterday I went in to the dentist to have #32 removed. I […]

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