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Two Fillings

Up until two years ago, I’d only had one filling in my entire life. But that has changed.

The dentist gave me two fillings today. (He also patched up an old, old chip on one of my front teeth.) I’m going back for two more on the other side of my mouth soon. That makes about eight fillings in the last two years.

I’m 37 for chrissakes. I thought I was past the so-called “cavity-prone years.” True, I did have a lapse of three or four years where I didn’t visit a dentist at all. But now I’m practicing better dental hygiene than ever. So what’s up with all these fillings?

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  1. […] the turn of the century. I started going to my current dentist in 2002, I think. According to my notes, I got eight fillings in two years. Since then I’ve had a few more, including two crowns. […]

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