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Damn my dentist. Damn him! He has moved to Metairie.

I first chose this dentist about two years ago based solely on his location, just three blocks from our house. And, happily enough, he turned out to be a good dentist. Xy now goes to him as well, and we’ve even referred a friend.

But now he’s moved to Metairie. Personally, I hate going to Metairie — no offense to the people who live there — and I try to avoid it if at all possible.

Google Maps says his new office is 2.7 miles from the old one, and estimates it’s a six minute drive by car. Of course I don’t usually have access to a car, but today Xy got a ride with a friend (coincidentally the same one we referred to our dentist) in part to haul the guinea pigs back to school but also to allow me to have the car so I can get out to Metairie to have my teeth cleaned.

And on top of all that, he’s “out of network” on the University’s new health plan, which means I have to pay more…

All of which has me thinking maybe I need to look for a new dentist. Preferably one who will stay in Mid-City.

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  1. I’m with you on the whole Metairie thing. For me Veterans may as well be the road to hell. I tried to go to the new Whole Foods the other day and couldn’t find a parking spot. I-10 sucks, too.

  2. lemming lemming

    Disclaimer: I first saw Editor B at about 12:15 AM after having comsumed several beverages.

    Even now, reasonably sober and slightly calmer, I still cannot reconcile the idea that Editor B lives with Guinea Pigs.

  3. I know what you mean. When I lived in Providence, everything was within a 5min bike ride. I mean everything. I lived two blocks from the dentist too. The idea of living in the country seems nice until I think about having to buy groceries, go to the dentist, doctor, restaurants, bars, electronics store, etc.

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